Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives at The Porterhouse Brew Co.

  • Our spent grain is collected by a farmer south of Dublin and used as cattle feed.
  • Our spent hops are collected by mulch (http://mulch.ie) and are used for composting.
  • Our effluent treatment system ensures waste water is safe to release to the water supply. Regular testing both by the brewery and Dublin water ensures this.
  • Our modern brewing equipment is designed with energy efficiency in mind, heat exchangers reclaim energy in the form of heat and an extensive insulation system ensures the efficient use of our refrigeration system.
  • The Brewery is a verified member of Origin Green (https://www.origingreen.ie/), a Bord Bia initiative enabling Ireland’s food/Drink industry to set and achieve sustainable food/Drink production.

Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland

We at the Porterhouse Brewing Co. are proud to be a founding member of the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland. The Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland is an association which supports craft breweries and lobbies on craft brewing issues. Peter Mosley is the current chairperson of the association and has been the head brewer at the Porterhouse Brewing Co. since we were first founded in our small brew pub in temple bar in 1996. Now at our new 120-barrel brewing facility just off the Ballyboggan road in Dublin 11 we are proud to be still 100% an independently owned and run company.


Members must be independently owned, brewing out of their own brewery and packaging their produce in Ireland to be included in the association. This logo above is the only way to ensure that an Irish brewery is truly independently run. Along with these regulations’ members are expected to adhere to the code and conduct of the ICBI.

Quality Assurance Systems

Quality Assurance Systems In Place At The Porterhouse Brew Co.

  • Analytical Chemistry: samples are checked for ABV, colour, bitterness, pH, sugar content, turbidity, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide levels.
  • Micro Analysis: Beer samples and our brewing yeast culture is routinely checked for the presence of beer spoilage microbes and for the presence of wild yeast (types of yeast that are a different strain to our brewing yeast.
  • Water Testing: we test our brewing liquor for hardness and chlorine levels.
  • Taste Testing: Beers are sampled at all stages for the detection of off flavour and aroma.